School Uniform

School Uniform:

All of our uniform is available with the school badge on it from the office or online. However, you may wish to buy generic items from retailers that may be cheaper. The only expectation for branded items would be a school jumper.


Polo shirts-white or red

Trousers, skirts or shorts-grey or black

Shoes-black (trainers or boots if the branding is black or hidden)

Gingham dresses-Summer atire

School jumper-blue with school logo

P.E-White T-shirt, blue shorts


We now offer a Fairtrade uniform option available online at KoolSkools

Koolskools Fairtrade Cotton School uniform range is made under the principles of Fairtrade, and in factories that have signed up to the Koolskools Ethical pledge. Koolskools personally visit their Fairtrade cotton farming co-operatives and factories to hear from everyone involved in their ethical supply chain.

Whilst ensuring the highest quality combined with affordable prices, Koolskools also rigorously check that their Fairtrade clothing is made to the highest ethical manufacturing standards, including fair pay. The assurances that Koolskools duly receive come from the cotton farmers and factory workers themselves.

So, when buying Koolskools Fairtrade cotton uniform it comes with a unique ethical manufacturing guarantee…from the workers who actually produce it.


Previously loved uniform:

We understand the cost of living has left many households struggling. We have a selection of uniform in our office, all in really good condition. Donations welcome.